• Los Processaur


Los Processaur

Cat. No. JB099

$ 8.00




Side A

  1. Bones Cracking In 
  2. Los Processaur 
  3. Holy Rose 
  4. Way Too Soon 
  5. Yessie Yames 

Side B

  1. Another Dollar Rainy Day
  2. Portland
  3. Saints And Sinners
  4. Not So Unlike You
  5. The Champ
  6. The Eagle



    Los Processaur is an honest offering. It’s not done up or covered in anything. It doesn’t come with a crazy backstory. It’s an album from a tried and true blue collar independent band that has been busting ass in the middle of the music industry for half a decade. We all know that in this business there are a lot of long drives, longer nights, dirty floors, and empty pockets, but there is also a lot of beauty. It’s an ecosystem that thrives on hope... and every once in awhile a band puts forth a record that is worth the time it will take to get to know it. This album is worth your time.

    The band spent the past two years performing live and refining the material for this record. Through this process WEINLAND has woven their live band persona into these recordings, managing to bring the excitement of their shows to this album without losing their sincerity. Still full of delicate and beautiful arrangements, Los Processaur also adds pop, pounding drums, and good old fashion grit to the mix as well. It was recorded in small pieces over the course of a year at Portland, Oregon's Type Foundry Studios. It was engineered and co-produced by Adam Selzer (M.Ward, The Decemberists, Jolie Holland, Herman Dune) and WEINLAND. The album features drum and percussion work by some of Portland's finest: Scott McPherson (M.Ward, Elliott Smith), Rachel Blumberg (Norfolk & Western, The Decemberists), Justin Power (Death Songs), and Ian Lyles (WEINLAND).

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