• Unraveling

Annalisa Tornfelt & Gideon Freudmann


Cat. No. JB161

$ 10.00




Side A

  1. Fog On A Glacier
  2. Midnight Moon
  3. Pep & Sway
  4. Unraveling
  5. Wind and Snow

Side B

  1. Are You Happy Now?
  2. The Mud Flats
  3. Over and Over
  4. Moonlight Stroh
  5. Night Sky
  6. Spring Breakup



Vinyl edition is a Series 33 release, limited to 33 copies.

Unraveling takes you on a sonic journey - and while the chilly Alaskan landscape sets the stage, the album reflects an emotional landscape describing search, love, despair and hope.

This album came about when the Portland Cello Project was commissioned to record an EP for an upcoming tour in Alaska coinciding with Spring Breakup, when the ice begins to melt and makes otherworldly sounds. Annalisa (who grew up in Alaska) and Gideon (an expert in otherworldly sounds) found they had a wellspring of inspiration.

Fog on a Glacier represents the cloudy mist navigated in search of companionship. Midnight Moon is the dance of love when you think you may have found what you seek. Pep and Sway is the unbridled joy of love found at last - leading unfortunately to the Unraveling that so often follows the euphoria. Are You Happy Now? is the seething questioning of why things never seems to work out right. Wind and Snow is a wistful reminiscence and longing for tender feelings that slipped away followed, inevitably, by the murky despair of The Mud Flats. Over and Over mulls over the loss, the repeated mistakes, the dream you can’t escape and Moonlight Stroh is a quiet echo of the early optimism for love you once enjoyed. Night Sky is the inward acknowledgement of the end and acceptance of the change that has come leading to Spring Breakup, a moody transition away from the loss and toward something unknown, hopeful and beautiful.

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