• Lost Somewhere Between The Earth and My Home

The Geraldine Fibbers

Lost Somewhere Between The Earth and My Home

Cat. No. JB150

$ 12.00




Side A

  1. Lilybelle
  2. The Small Song
  3. Marmalade
  4. Dragon Lady

Side B

  1. Outside Of Town
  2. A Song About Walls
  3. House Is Falling
  4. The French Song

Side C

  1. Dusted
  2. Richard
  3. Blast Off Baby
  4. Get Thee Gone

Side D

  1. Thank You For Giving Me Life
  2. 234
  3. Yoo Doo Right (unreleased 1996 version)
  4. Bitter Honey



The Geraldine Fibbers 1995 Virgin Records debut. Includes the first new Fibbers song in 20 years, Thank You For Giving Me Life, featuring Nels Cline (Wilco, everything else) and Jessica Moss (Thee Silver Mt. Zion). The first 1000 copies are being pressed on clear vinyl and housed in a deluxe tip-on gatefold jacket. Originally intended to be a limited RSD release we've decided to bring this out into the world for all to partake in!

The Geraldine Fibbers’ Lost Somewhere Between the Earth and My Home is about taking risks. It was born out of the battle, when bandleader, Carla Bozulich decided to confront herself, find what was killing her, and rip it to shreds. She followed blind instincts. That is the stuff that matters in music and always will, being unsure but doing it anyway.

The Geraldine Fibbers were not trying to break barriers or be the best. Just to scratch their way out of the cold, cold ground that gets shoveled on us all as we grow. And to make and play some songs they were building from scratch. The drive behind the project was to burn up indoctrination and shame and guy-centric scenes and to have fun with friends.

As heard on Lost Somewhere…, the band is Bill Tutton (Contra-bass), Kevin Fitzgerald (drums), Daniel Keenan (Guitar), Jesse Greene (violin) and Carla Bozulich (vox, guitar). Included on this new double LP clear-vinyl reissue is the original album, plus 4 bonus tracks feature later band member Nels Cline (participating in an alt-cover of Can’s “You Doo Right”) and both he and Jessica Moss (Thee Silver Mount Zion) playing on the BRAND NEW FIBBER TRACK: Thank You For Giving Me Life. The lyrics for this track will ring bells if you are a Minutemen or Pettibon fan!

Lost Somewhere Between The Earth And My Home was recorded by Steve Fisk (Nirvana, Unwound, Beat Happening) and released in 1995. It is, in turns, tempestuous and tender. Classic country warped with noise, a crack-band and Carla’s singular voice mix the music into stories and tunnels for emotions to travel and escape.

"Defying labels across the board, and turning old-style ancestral narratives into brutal and harrowing portraits of life on the edge of nowhere, the Fibbers wrap each of Lost Somewhere Between the Earth and My Home's 12 songs into a ball of fury and toss it against the wall of tradition, just to see what happens. Chaotic noise breakdowns give way to melodic singalongs, songs twist and turn through several side paths before reaching their destination, and everything sounds as if total annihilation is imminent. Scary, thoughtful and highly inventive, Lost is the sound of country gone to hell." - Michael Gallucci, AllMusic Review

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