• Against Electricity

Hallelujah The Hills

Against Electricity

Cat. No. JB172

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Side A

  1. In the Beginning
  2. Against Electricity
  3. The Most Beautiful Music the World Has Ever Known
  4. Banner of Light
  5. Theme from Astral Weeks 1968
  6. I Saw You Coming from the Cape
  7. In the Space Between the Worlds
  8. A Little More Light Into the Darkness of Man
  9. Paul Revere is Shamed
  10. Scenes from the Real World

Side B

  1. Something in the Bricks
  2. The Silver Age of Television
  3. We Have All Been Astrals Many Times
  4. Some Dreams Are Nightmares
  5. Rayrunner
  6. Marsh Chapel Miracle
  7. Automatic Writing
  8. Afterwards



Vinyl & CD editions are limited to 100 hand numbered copies each.  All orders receive an instant download of the entire album.

When Ryan Walsh asked Penguin Random House what music they'd be using between chapters for the audiobook version of his debut book, Astral Weeks: A Secret History of 1968, he found the answer unsatisfying. "They told me they had some generic orchestral music that they usually used a snippet of at the beginning and end of the book," Walsh said. "This is a rock n roll story. That wasn't gonna cut it." That's when Hallelujah The Hills—Walsh's long-running, award-winning band from Boston, MA—sprang into action, recording over an hour of original music for the project. "Probably a total of five minutes of that music appears in the final product, and it did its job well, but we feel that this stuff is good enough to stand on its own merit as well."

Enter Against Electricity, the sixth full length HTH album, and certainly the first one without any words. This is instrumental music, both composed and improvised, and it is among the band's strangest and most beautiful. During these sessions The Hills added Dave Curry (Thalia Zedek Band, Willard Grant Conspiracy) to the lineup on viola, as well as inviting friends to appear on the recordings as well, including Tanya Donelly (Belly), Dana Colley (Morphine), Marissa Nadler, and Fenway Park organist Josh Kantor. "It's a book about Boston," Walsh noted of the lineup, "so even the players needed to reflect that for this project."

This is multi-purpose music that is unlike anything in the ever-growing Hallelujah The Hills discography. Find your own personal uses for these magnetic new set of songs as the band works on their seventh record, set for release late spring 2019, entitled I'm You.

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