• A Plan To Tell The Future


A Plan To Tell The Future

Cat. No. JB110

$ 8.00




Side A

  1. Walls Of The World 
  2. All My Light Begins To Dissipate 
  3. Call In Sick To Work 
  4. Walls Of A Cave 
  5. One Shot Charlie 
  6. A Plan To Tell The Future

Side B

  1. Interstate Prelude
  2. Spit Off The Bridge
  3. When The New Line Finds You
  4. Life-sized Head Of Yourself
  5. Build A View
  6. Nothing More Than Something
  7. Follow The Trail



Limited pressing of 100 numbered copies on black vinyl.

This record was made during a residency in 2012 at a studio in SW Portland’s Goose Hollow called Scenic Burrows. (Literally, I rented out a flat above the studio that was an old dentist office.) These recordings were all started from seed in the studio, no rehearsals or demos, and features mostly friends that would happen to stop by. During this time I was producing records for Grand Hallway (Winter Creatures), and Raymond Byron and The White Freighter, and these songs were recorded on the off-days or nights after sessions. The studio, nestled next to the freeway, was below ground level but with floor to ceiling windows looking out into a little foliage perimeter frequented by homeless people, rats, and the occasional crack smoker. Next door was a high-rise apartment complex where you would often witness things such as multi-floor beer bongs, giant underwear drying on the line, and a naked korean guy lifting weights in the window. Studio breaks were spent either at a dive bar called The Commodore (rip) or at the underground egyptian-themed gem called Mummy’s. With this project I was trying to avoid conceptualizing any particular style, or entertaining thoughts about accessibility. I was mainly interested in experimenting with sounds and recording techniques, and embracing whatever natural tendencies both toward melody and dissonance. At the time i seemed to be listening to a lot of different stuff, including Sun Ra, Capt Beefheart, Ornette Coleman, William Onyeabor, Lee Hazelwood, Harry Nilsson, Gram Parsons and maybe even a little Nick Cave. - Cory Gray, December 2013

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