• Sings Live!

Colin Meloy

Sings Live!

Cat. No. JB065

$ 30.00

Double LP



Side A

  1. Devil's Elbow 
  2. We Both Go Down Together 
  3. Evoking a Campfire Singalong 
  4. The Gymnast, High Above the Ground 
  5. Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect (Dreams)

Side B

  1. Dracula's Daughter
  2. Wonder
  3. A Brief Introduction to Shirley Collins
  4. Barbara Allen
  5. Engine Driver
  6. On the Bus Mall

Side C

  1. A Skull, a Ship, and a Sheep
  2. California One / Youth and Beauty Brigade (Ask)
  3. The Bachelor and the Bride

Side D

  1. A Cautionary Song
  2. Red Right Ankle
  3. Blues Run The Game*
  4. Bandit Queen



This double LP is being pressed on 180 gram virgin vinyl. It has a lovely gatefold sleeve with some stunning photo's taken by Mr. Alexander S. Wolinetz on the interior. It contains the vinyl only bonus track "Blues Run The Game". This album is a 15 song set documenting the leader of The Decemberists 2006 solo trek across the US.

The set runs the length and breadth of Meloy’s songwriting career, covering his days as part of Missoula’s Tarkio, up through the current Decemberists catalog. Colin’s charmingly awkward stage banter, coupled with the passion and introspection given to the songs in this solo live context make this record a wonderful view into the songwriters creative world.

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