• Electric Guitar

Boxhead Ensemble

Electric Guitar


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Side A

  1. 2255 S. Michigan
  2. Give Me A Break Motherfucker (for Braden)
  3. The Communicator (for Bill)
  4. The Auteur (for Ken Vandermark)
  5. Why Not Patterns? (for Jeff Parker)
  6. Replica (for David and Jim)
  7. The 2nd Floor (for Tuma)
  8. The Cambodian Leonard Cohen (for Via)
  9. The Summer of 1995 (for Papa Joe)

Side B

  1. Pilsen Daze
  2. Day Drinking (for Adam Busch
  3. White Socks (for Woody)
  4. Homage To The Tren Brothers (for Mick and Jim)
  5. Learn Your Dimensions (for Fred Lonberg-Holm)
  6. Six With Six (for Rick Rizzo)
  7. Hate The Music (for Tim Rutili)
  8. The Velvet Bird (for Fred Anderson)
  9. That Was A Long, Long Time Ago (for Becker)

Vinyl edition is a Series 33 release, limited to 33 copies.

Electric Guitar is the Boxhead Ensemble boiled down to it’s core. Electric Guitar is the manifestation of simple ideas captured in the early morning hours - first idea, best idea. Electric Guitar is an exploration of timbre. Fender style guitars and an old Gibson amp where used to record Electric Guitar. If I kept and aural sketchbook it would sound like Electric Guitar. Electric Guitar is an homage to the seven pivotal years I spent in Chicago from 1994-2001. Electric Guitar is presented on vinyl in a limited edition of 33 copies. Electric Guitar is Electric Guitar.

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