• In Search of Lost Hein

Matthew Hattie Hein

In Search of Lost Hein


$ 8.00




Side A

  1. Thanks It's Nice
  2. Number One
  3. Goin' On
  4. If She
  5. Space Room
  6. Letters From You
  7. Lately

Side B

  1. Someone's Parties
  2. I'll Never Learn
  3. Praise Be
  4. Way Down
  5. Act III
  6. There's Another
  7. Like A Car
  8. Capital
  9. The Interstate
  10. Unimpressed
  11. 1,000



Vinyl edition is a Series 33 release, limited to 33 copies.

"This is the best possible version of this record. You could actually play this music on a stereo and find it enjoyable. Or you could light your candles, pour some wine, and grab the tissues. The choice, like this record, is yours." - MHH

From 7” records, cassette tapes, compilations, and the proverbial vault: twenty years of bedroom, basement, public park, and studio compositions… eighteen songs from Old Portland, including the entire cult-status Last Chance EP.

The eight relatively recent songs of the “Produced & Playable” A-Side include tunes Hein released after abandoning Portland sub-legendary skronk-pop band New Bad Things. The ten songs of the “Intimate & Indulgent” B-Side display the hushed bedroom sensibility of 1990s home recording at its apex.

This is the record you’ve always wanted: eighteen perfect songs from a twenty-year songwriting stint, all lovingly remastered and shoved into about forty-five minutes. Of love.

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