• Sometimes Up Is The Only Direction

Captain Vs. Crew

Sometimes Up Is The Only Direction

Cat. No. JB044

$ 5.00




  1. Finest In Italian Metal Pt. 1 
  2. NYC Is Trying To Kill Me 
  3. Alex 
  4. Skeletons 
  5. Brutal Path Of Destruction 
  6. Downtime
  7. Warn the Duke!
  8. Everybody's Doing It
  9. Finest in Italian Metal Pt. 2
  10. Standyby Maneuver
  11. Under The Rock Rock
  12. Strawberries of Spain



Dealing with the inevitable approach of conceptual adulthood, the foursome choose to stuff the stress and absurdity of everyday living into songs described as "twitchy punk rock," "Replacements-like …and Sonic Youth-ish," and "punk rock quelque part entre Sebadoh" by the press, prompting one reviewer to posit the question "what if Gang of Four did nothing but cover the Dead Kennedys?" As one might assume, Captain Vs. Crew drives down a rollicking road of punk rock and noise, but with a decidedly undecided direction. This album fuses some of the past brash silliness that sparked the beginning of Captain Vs. Crew, and witnesses the path into an inevitable maturation that comes from a life spent frolicking in a town full of hard-driving rock friendships.

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