• JBR 2018 Record Totes
  • JBR 2018 Record Totes
  • JBR 2018 Record Totes
  • JBR 2018 Record Totes
  • JBR 2018 Record Totes

Jealous Butcher Records

JBR 2018 Record Totes


$ 20.00

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We have 3 new 15"W x 16"H strong reusable, eco friendly canvas tote designs for you all to choose from!

• The “90’s throwback Jealous Butcher” model
• The “Exploding Eyelids” model
• The “10 Seconds to Collapse - Man In Cow Suit” model.

Each with the bright red JBR retro future logo on the back!  We hand screen each one of these little gems in the basement of the JBR World Wide HQ and as such we’re only going to offer them to the world at large for a limited time! Orders must be placed between now and December 1st! Eeeeek! Get on it!

On top of the totes (or rather inside them) we’re also offering 25 bundles of the tote of your choice loaded with (almost) every record we released this year (we’re out of The Hackles LP, it was limited and quite popular)! That’s 10 LPs, plus this lovely tote for only $150! Holly crow! If you already have one (or more) of these aural artifacts, well give the extra(s) to a close friend or relative! Shopping, DONE!

You can also opt for the lighter “past/future” version of the bundle and grab yourself a nice tote for your groceries and a cache of MP3 or WAV files of EVERY 2018 JBR RELEASE - 11 albums for a mere $50!

What are these records you ask? We’ll I’ll give them to you in order of appearance…

1. January 12th - 1939 Ensemble: Beats & Saints 12” EP
2. February 2nd - Martha Scanlan: The Shape of Things Gone Missing, The Shape of Things To Come LP (ltd to 100 copies)
3. April 6th - Motrik: Safety Copy LP (red vinyl)
4. May 18th - The Hackles: The Twilight’s Calling It Quits (digital only)
5. June 22nd - Corrina Repp: How A Fantasy Will Kill Us All LP
6. June 22nd - Tim Rutili & Craig Ross: 10 Seconds To Collapse LP
7. August 10th - 1939 Ensemble: New Cinema LP
8. September 14th - Eyelids: Maybe More LP
9. October 19th - Old Unconscious: Sunfort LP (ltd to 100 copies)
10. October 19th - Martha Scanlan: The River and The Light LP
11. December 1st - José Medeles: Art of Slowness LP (ltd to 100 copies)

Click on the album titles to learn more about each one, but really, you know us, and we like a lot of the same things, so you can trust it’s all quality and just go for it! YES!!!

Exclusive access to limited releases, special edition colored vinyl, and more fun that you can shake a stick at!