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Cat. No. JB066

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  1. 1,000 Wells 
  2. Logical List Of Confidences 
  3. Dogs/Trucks 
  4. Matter/Molecules/Thrills 
  5. The Most Beautiful Thing 
  6. Montana
  7. The Rings
  8. Systems/Theory
  9. The Great Ice Storm
  10. Everything/Everywhere
  11. I Got You
  12. Breaks The Bowl
  13. Girl In A Suit Made Out Of Clay
  14. Get The Ball Snackie!



Lovely. Sparse. Melodic. Intimate. Secrets. The Girl. The Long Drive. Subtle. Hushed. Enveloping. Movement. Building. Cathartic. This is the record I have been wanting to put out since I was 20 years old. All of the emotion and spirit that made you fall in love with The Butchies and Team Dresch, hushed and distilled down into this collection of 14 songs. It's the narrative of a girl being in love with a girl. Never hitting you over the head, merely giving you enough to imagine the rest of the story. It's presented to us on deceptively simple acoustic guitars, a few electric guitars, some keyboards and beautiful building vocal harmonies. Acoustic pop songs, country ballads, atmospheric anthems. The mood is up and then down, sly then serious, confessional then playful. Kaia has been telling us about various aspects of her life for about 15 years now, creating a long string of stunning vignettes. This is closest she's gotten to writing a complete novel, and it was well worth the wait.

“Kaia Wilson is both a musician and activist who manages to operate within the dominant music culture as a truly underground artist who is able to maximize her power.”

- Ann Powers–New York Times

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