• *Martha Scanlan - 4 CD Bundle
  • *Martha Scanlan - 4 CD Bundle
  • *Martha Scanlan - 4 CD Bundle
  • *Martha Scanlan - 4 CD Bundle
  • *Martha Scanlan - 4 CD Bundle

Martha Scanlan

*Martha Scanlan - 4 CD Bundle

Martha Scanlan 4 CD Bundle

$ 50.00

4 CD Bundle



The West Was Burning (2007)

  1. The West Was Burning
  2. Get Right Church
  3. Went To See The Gypsy
  4. Seeds Of The Pine
  5. I Don't Even Have To Ask
  6. Call Me Shorty
  7. Walkin'
  8. Up On The Divide
  9. Set Me Up High
  10. Isabella
  11. Ten Thousand Charms

Tongue River Stories: Autumn (2011)

  1. Angle Of Repose
  2. The Meadow
  3. Guardian Angel
  4. Invisible Man
  5. October

The Shape of Things Gone Missing, The Shape of Things to Come (2015)

  1. The Shape Of Things Gone Missing, The Shape Of Things To Come
  2. Unbroken Wings
  3. Abilene
  4. The Only Thing
  5. First Rains
  6. Honey Blue
  7. August is a Gate
  8. Taken or Given
  9. Black Throated Sparrow

The River and The Light (2018)

  1. Brother Was Dying
  2. West Virginia Rain
  3. Higher Rock
  4. Buttermilk Road
  5. Las Cruces
  6. Too Late
  7. Only A River / True Eyed Angel
  8. Revival



A limited edition bundle of all four of Martha Scanlan's albums on the highly portable Compact Disc format, signed by the artist and delivered in time for the holidays.  Order your bundle as a gift for someone you love (or start your own collection now.) All orders ship priority mail and must be placed by December 19th.

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