• A Narrow Way

Nick Jaina

A Narrow Way

Cat. No. JB072

$ 15.00




Side A

  1. A Narrow Way
  2. Walking Into A Burning House
  3. That's The Kind Of Fruit That You Leave On The Vine
  4. Battleground
  5. Eleanor
  6. Windingsheet

Side B

  1. I Forget My Name
  2. That Tired Tired Lie
  3. Singing The Devil's Tune
  4. Planters Field
  5. I Know I'm Your Man



A full-band album featuring agressively memorable songs recorded in a unique way to capitalize on the energy of the live performance skills of Nick's band. This album was played entirely by ten musicians in the same room at the same time, all mixed live to 1/4" analog tape. If one person out of the ten missed a note or played the wrong part, the whole take had to be done over. This lack of a safety net gave the recordings a heightened sense of focus and purpose. It was similar to the way that albums were recorded in the fities and sixties, before the Beatles inspired everyone to overthink everything. On A Narrow Way, every instrument leaps off the tape with immediacy and humanity. Meanwhile, the lyrics of the songs deal with the narrow path that people must take to do right in the world. There is fear all around; fear of being different, fear of being the same--and in the middle is the narrow way, a small path that is hard to stay on, but which leads to very good things.

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