• Mirror Bride - Book
  • Mirror Bride - Book
  • Mirror Bride - Book

Danni Iosello

Mirror Bride - Book


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1. July
Read by Tim Hurley
2. Bite Wing
Read by Dailey Toliver
3. Vaseline Eyes
Read by Angela Bettis
4. Squirrel in the Classroom
Read by Tim Rutili
5. And the Leaves in the Trees
Read by Danni Iosello
6. The Bedspread
Read by Maggie Cramer
7. Chalk
Read by Haley Bonar
8. What Happened at the Waffle House
Read by Flora Wolpert Checknoff
9. Oma
Read by Danni Iosello




Mirror Bride, Danni Iosello's first collection of short stories, is a book of loneliness, of lost and found, of longing: City girls meet their judgement day in roadside diners and city buses; Men, old and young, discover their latent super-powers after visiting the dentist or in the glance of the meat-packer at the supermart; single women slip in and out of the sickening lives of normal families and working society.

These stories are raw and sinewy, almost stream-of-consciousness, yet also somehow structured and familiar. They seem a sort of dark American urban family history, exploring the desolation and delusion that plagues us all.

The book is released as companion reading to the musical recording of the same name by the band Sin Ropas in which Iosello plays with her partner, Tim Hurley. It's a fitting accompaniment, evoking the same raw and inchoate emotions and secret familiarity as their music.

An audiobook download is included with readings by Tim Hurley, Tim Rutili, Angela Bettis, Haley Bonar, Dailey Toliver, Danni Iosello, Maggie Cramer, and Flora Wolpert Checknoff.

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