• Swallow The Sea: The Songs of The Crabs

The Valiant Arms

Swallow The Sea: The Songs of The Crabs

Cat. No. JB060

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Side A

  1. Swallow The Sea
  2. Iron Curtain
  3. Sore
  4. Riptide

Side B

  1. Angeline
  2. Confess
  3. Debutant
  4. She Is A Titan


Spring 2007

Lathe cut 10" - Limited to 51 numbered copies.

These are 8 Crabs covers recorded by a bunch of pals that somehow turned into an actual band. Thanks to Jonn and Lisa for their approval and their awesome songs! The lathe cut 10" is limited to 51 copies, the CD to 100 or so, your call. Perfect pop songs broken down and rebuilt with a vast aray of instrumentation. From twee pop to country balladrey, indie rock to classic punk. This record is at once all over the place and a straight narrative all told by the voices of Diane, Rob & Rachel.

Recorded by Adam, Rob and Chad at the Library, Diane's house, Tony's house, Rob's house and Typefoundry.

Performed by:

Diane Rios - Vocals, Bass / Rob Jones - Vocals, Guitars, Mandolin / Rachel Blumberg - Vocals, Drums, Piano, Synth Strings / Kevin Walters - Guitars / Tony Moreno - Bass, Banjo / Derek Trost - Drums, Accordian / Cora Rios - Hand claps / Cassidy Rios Kane - Hand claps / Cory Gray - Trumpets / Eric Clampitt - Pedal Steel / Adam Selzer - Mandolin

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