• Evil Will Hand You Boredom

Tractor Operator

Evil Will Hand You Boredom

Cat. No. JB057

$ 3.00




Side A

  1. Bullets 
  2. Close The Door 

Side B

  1. Blood
  2. The Glow



Just ahead were headlights and the sound of a horn. Not a car horn, but rather, the deep loud swelling sound of a semi horn. I was still moving sideways. I slammed on the gas and got the fuck out of the way of a semi truck carrying a bunch of pigs. Thankfully, the engine hadn't stalled. I made it back through the median and over to the westbound lane. The car was pretty messed up, it was shaking badly, smelled like fuel and every light in the dashboard relating to maintenance was lit up like a party. I wasn't hurt, but I had to stop in Bismarck for the night and call the insurance company and rent a motel room. None of the airbags deployed which is fortunate. I had breakfast at a diner in downtown Bismarck while I waited for the car. The french toast was amazing; firm and a little bit crispy on the outside and all soft and creamy in the middle. I was full but thought about ordering more just because it was so good.

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