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Posted: Jan 24 2016

Series 33

When we first started the label in 1991 we spent a great deal of time in the garage dubbing cassettes and photocopying inserts at the copy shop. One of the greatest things about this was that we could release anything we wanted, without worrying about having to sell 1000 copies of it. The only criteria it had to meet was that we thought it sounded awesome.  

With that idea still firmly in place, we bring you our latest endeavor - Series 33

We're putting out a collection of records, for arguments sake let's say 33 of them, wherein we are pressing only 33 copies of each record. Some releases will have hand silkscreened jackets, some will even have a different cover for each copy, the LP labels will be hand stamped with the artists' name, and everything will be numbered. These are unique things we are only able to do with such a short run of records. 

As for the music... They will be old records that never made it to wax, new records by bands that have broken up, side projects from folks who are just too busy with their main project, experimental soundtracks to films never made - The main thing to keep in mind is that, regardless of origin, they will be AWESOME!

So far we have 6 records in the works, and they are as follows...

JB091 - Alialujah Choir: The Alialjuah Choir
The debut album from Norfolk & Western, Weinland and M. Ward alums.  Lovely vocal harmonies over folky rock and roll.  Originally released on CD in 2012.

JB128 - Luke Ydstie: Collected Essential Works
Luke, Kati & Ryan of Blind Pilot as well as Hook & Anchor.  Earnest, country tinged folk music.

JB129 - Annalisa Tornfelt: Search Zero
A collection of cover songs chosen by fans and recorded shortly after her latest solo offering, The Number 8, was released.

JB131 - Daniel Charles Hunt: Inside Passages
Instrumental percussion album from Neko Case and Alialujah Choir drummer.  Found sounds and loops over propulsive, atmospheric beats.

JB132 - Scirocco: Walk To The Moon
si·roc·co - a hot wind, often dusty or rainy, blowing from North Africa across the Mediterranean to southern Europe. Spontaneous compositions from this experimental quintet, driving and chaotic.

JB133 - Perhapst: Perhapst
Debut solo endeavor by John Moen (Decemberists). Melodic poppy awesome. Originally released on CD by In Music We Trust in 2008.

JB134 - Slow Moses: Charity Binge
Arizona odd pop - Hypnotic, twitchy and catchy in equal measure.

As noted, there are only 33 of each of these records, and we don't expect they will last long!  So, with that in mind, we invite you to visit us, give them a listen and pick up a few for yourselves!


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