4/2/15 - Spring Forward!

Posted: Jun 04 2015

We have many things going on right now. We have the Red Red Meat reissue project well underway, Bunny Gets Paid is the next record coming out, fingers crossed at the end of April, you can check out how that's all going over at the PledgeMusic site, or pick up your copy of Manger here in our own shop now

Next up is 1939 Ensemble's stunning sophomore effort, Black Diamond Pearl, they are a juggernaut of drums/vibes/horns/noise and this record is a stunner. It was produced by John McEntire of Tortoise and there's a release show here in Portland at The Secret Society on April 25th, it will be epic. Then they'll be heading down the cost in May, playing in SF on May 11th at the Elbo Roomand then LA on May 12th at Satellite. You need to see these guys live, and you can preorder Black Diamond Pearl here

We've been working with our cohorts over at Hired Hand on the soundtrack to Christian Kiefer's new book The Animals, it's called What You Have Come For Is Death and you can pick up one of the 250 copies we pressed on bright red wax here.

We've had the very good fortune to work on 2 new records with our friends at Woodphone Records. First up is the second album by Alialujah ChoirBig Picture Show. A lovely album full of voices and amazing folk songs done up right by folks from Norfolk & Western, Weinland and Hook & Anchor. The other record is the latest solo outing from Black Prarie front woman Annalisa Tornfelt, The Number 8. Imagine if Patsy Cline made a solo acoustic album, this is the caliber of song craft we're looking at with this record. If you get a chance to see Annalisa live you will be mesmerized. You can pick up copies of each of these gems at our shop.

We've also go a few radical Record Store Day 2015 releases, a split single from Eyelids and their friends The Phoenix Foundation from New Zealand, as well as a vinyl reissue of the 2001 debut from The Thermals own Hutch & Kathy! Both are limited to 500 copies and both can only be found in your local record shop on 4/18/15! Later in the year we'll hear more from Eyelids as well as Red Red Meat, and so much more! Thanks for listening everyone and happy spring to you all! xoJBR

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