• On Gabadon
  • On Gabadon


On Gabadon


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Side A

  1. Merely Human
  2. Overture
  3. Banished from Gabadon
  4. The Canon of the Hours
  5. The Novice is Chosen
  6. Robot Pilot
  7. Space Chase / Wormhole
  8. Castaways in the Profane Quadrant
  9. On the Planet of the Technocides

Side B

  1. Sister P-AA21's Soliloquy
  2. Exile's Lament
  3. Hymn to Speciation
  4. The Novice's Dilemma
  5. Instrument of Evolution
  6. Coda: Yes



• Brand new collaboration between Jody Bleyle (Team Dresch, Infinite X's) and Christine Denkewalter (New Bad Things).

• Pressed on a limited edition of 500 black vinyl LPs

Beyond humanity, beyond the singularity, beyond consciousness itself! Humans have been exiled from their homeworld by the artificial intelligence that has assumed control of the galaxy. Evolution is now stagnant and an ancient protocol has been activated. Journey from the monastery to the Profane Quadrant, the Planet of the Technocides, and further still! What will the novice and her companions discover ON GABADON? What is written on the Perfect Wall? What will be unleashed when the cycle of speciation begins anew? Find out in this ultra-dynamic, pan-galactic, trans-stylistic space rock opera that explores a mystery of cosmic proportions.

Written and Performed by:
George Thompson Jr.
Jody Bleyle
Naomi Kohn
Christine Denkewalter
Nick Reddel
Wolf Carr

Recorded and mixed at Studio Geordie
Mastered by Rachel Field at Resonant Mastering
Lacquer Cutting by Amy Dragon at Telegraph Audio
Calligraphy by Margot Voorhies Thompson
Illuminated Manuscript by Tedra Demitriou & Denk
Photo by Ben Mercer & Josh Lunden
With appearances by Christian Hurd, Allen Bleyle & Matilda DeLong
Special thanks to The Prids, Elite Beat, Nina Landey, Margot & Giorgio, Lise & Chris, Uzi, & Margaret

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