• *PREORDER* Singles & Demos: 1994-1998


*PREORDER* Singles & Demos: 1994-1998


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  1. Mercyfuck
  2. Chance To Laugh
  3. Yarnspinner
  4. Behind Me Beside Me
  5. Rocking Chair
  6. Tired Of Dying
  7. You Make Me Sick
  8. Over Me
  9. Goddess (Demo)
  10. Iguana In A Spelling Bee
  11. Yarnspinner #2
  12. Equator (Poop Alley Sessions)
  13. The Lonely Grasseater
  14. Why (Jehu On A Rollercoaster Demo)
  15. Clammy
  16. Child Star
  17. Never Nowhere
  18. Will You Stay?
  19. Something Else I Could Never Change



• 19 track digital collection of singles and demos, many previously unreleased.

• All Preorders receive and instant download of "Goddess (Demo)"

*** This is a pre-order item and will deliver on or around the February 5, 2021 album release date. ***

A digital keepsake of Longstocking’s early manifestation as a two-piece featuring Kevin Hair on drums and its mid-to-late-era 7” releases, Singles & Demos: 1994—1998 captures a steady development towards the bold studio sound found on the band’s debut album Once Upon A Time Called Now (featuring David Gomez on bass, Sherri Solinger on Drums and Woody Stevenson on guitar and backing vocals). Recorded on 4-track and 8-track in garages and some at DIY studios such as punk rock’s legendary Poop Alley Studio’s, many of singer and guitarist Tamala Poljak’s compositions were written as offerings for friends. A gift for biting lyricism, pop immediacy, and rad rock riffing is already on display.

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