• Your Hands My Pockets
  • Your Hands My Pockets

Team Dresch

Your Hands My Pockets

Cat. No. JB182

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  1. Your Hands My Pockets
  2. Basket



    • Limited edition colored vinyl 7"
    • Now there are TWO new SONGS!
    • 2nd Pressing on sky blue vinyl

    ***OMGay, Team Dresch is releasing 2 actual NEW SONGS!***

    It’s been 19 years since the band has released new material - 25 years since the making of Personal Best, when this particular configuration of players (Jody Bleyle, Donna Dresch, Kaia Wilson and Marcéo Martinez) recorded together.


    Your Hands My Pockets: Donna Dresch, in her typical Team Captain spirit, busts out riffs that are rife with her awesome signature grunge/punk/melodic catchiness, Jody and Kaia trade off on vocal duties like they’re in some frantic singing relay race, and Marcéo slams the toms around like he learned to drum from both Mel Brown and bam-bam (please note, Marcéo actually took drum lessons from Mel Brown in the 80’s). While “Your Hands” is an undeniable pop/punk song, it is also brimming with bristle and depth, conjuring feelings of longing, angst, desire. When Jody sings “Oh I wanna want to be wrapped around, to wrap around” there is NO ONE who can’t relate to this feeling of reaching out to one another for connection, touch, and love.

    Team Dresch KEEPS IT REAL (gay) with their harmonious musical chemistry, queercore spirit, and attention to detail in their musicianship - the alchemy of these humans is clearly still alive and dancing, you know it baby.

    Produced and Recorded by Larry Crane at Jackpot! Recording Studio March 16-18, 2019 and Mixed by John Goodmanson

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