• Songs For Dog Fitness
  • Songs For Dog Fitness
  • Songs For Dog Fitness
  • Songs For Dog Fitness
  • Songs For Dog Fitness

Chris Funk

Songs For Dog Fitness


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Side A

  1. Vermona One
  2. Empty Corners
  3. Two More Weeks
  4. Sunday Morning

Side B

  1. Clouds Of Arbahr
  2. Vermona Two
  3. Let Them Drink Bleach
  4. Vermona Three
  5. The Haunted Mansion

Digital Only Bonus

  1. Face Mask
  2. Burials





“It’s an album to walk your dog to made durning Covid…so if you don’t have a dog I’m not sure if you will like it.” - Chris Funk

All songs performed by Chris Funk live on modular and semi modular synths during the Covid-19 lockdown of 2020. Recorded and mixed by Chris Funk. Mastered by Jon Neufeld at Treehouse Mastering. Cover Art By OSMOSE and Rob Jones.

My friend, a producer named John Congleton, encouraged me to purchase my first modular “system”. He had brought a Buchla Work Easel in-tow to a Decemberists recording session. His system was daunting and expensive. But the way John put it was: “It’s worth buying this stuff as long as it keeps me inspired to keep doing this,” or something to that effect. So I did.

It’s no secret that guitar players are often prone to purchasing too many guitars, and too many guitar pedals to mold and shape their sounds. I had found myself drawn to pedals that pushed the sounds of the guitar so far away from the conventional tones of the 6-stringer that using control voltages sourced from something that looks like a guitar pedal—that is, the module—struck me as not much of a stretch.

As I tend to do with most of my flights of fancy, I went in headlong and deep. The modules started piling up over the next few years, and again and again, I found myself in front of a modular system, not really knowing what I was doing. I would turn them on, make a simple noise. Life would happen and I’d return to the tasks of what it takes for an indie rock guitar player to make a living in Oregon, which didn’t and still doesn’t involve much time to simply “make sounds.”

Enter a virus, loads of rain and the dark skies as my state is known for, plus total lockdown of my city. I seized the moment, blew the dust off of the robots and took over the dining room. I told myself I was going to create “a patch” (a song) every day with modular, record it and move on. And, for more or less two months, I did.

This music was all recorded live: one take while adjusting the units, until felt I “had something,” not over thinking it. I’d then dump it into the grid and take my dog for a walk, reviewing what I’d made on my headphones in the empty streets, businesses boarded up for what we thought was to be a month or so. But that cycle just kept continuing. Unfortunately, as I type this, it still is.

Realizing that this process and virus might go on and on, I marked the tracks that seemed to live together [in time? in mood?], often not remembering creating some of the music at all. Were the robots playing me? I bundled them up to be mastered, and now here they are for you and your pets to enjoy on a walk, or a treadmill, or laying around your house next to your dog. As you read this, hopefully the virus has passed, and a few of these songs can underscore you flight to somewhere far away.

May your dog forever underscore your life.

– Chris Funk, June 2020

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