• Nothing To Prove

Oswald Five-O

Nothing To Prove

Cat. No. JB059

$ 5.00




  1. A Love Supreme 
  2. Crush Proof 
  3. Waiting 
  4. Christmas 
  5. Heart Punch 
  6. Eraser
  7. Felony Flats
  8. Song For Bob Forrest
  9. Understanding
  10. Heavy Shoes
  11. Lovers Understand
  12. Tony Gets Wasted In Pedro
  13. No Name
  14. My Way
  15. Bred In The Bone
  16. Punishment Farm/Our Secret/World I Never Made
  17. Aloha Steve & Dan-O
  18. Blue T.V.
  19. 10 Days Off
  20. Eraser '95



A collection of singles, compilation tracks, and studio outtakes. This is some of the finest material of this Northwest bands sprawling career. Unpredictable but never boring. When they played things broke and sometimes people bled. Despite snapped strings, crackling amps, and splintered drumsticks, the band always played on--and the shows where everything fell apart were often their best. Their signatures were Nick and Diane’s harmonies (again the sweet and the sour), Nick’s spine-chilling deconstructed guitar solos, and the way Robert beat the hell out of his drum-kit. And, of course, there was also Robert’s brilliant songwriting.

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