• From The Land Of Ice And Snow: The Songs of Led Zeppelin


From The Land Of Ice And Snow: The Songs of Led Zeppelin

Cat. No. JB089

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It started out as a fantasy.  Rob (Jealous Butcher), Matt (Ward) and John (King) were sitting around the basement in the evening working on cover art for a project, espousing their love and respect for Led Zeppelin in their formative musical years. And wouldn't it be nice to put together a tribute release featuring friends both near and afar, not being a "who's who" sort of tribute, but rather a "community" inspired collection of Zeppelin songs.  One thing led to another and before he knew it, Rob was sending out a missive through his network, calling for submissions, wondering if anyone would even be interested. At the outset there was no real concern for pedigree, or professionalism, in the traditional manner, the only stipulation was that the tracks had to be good.  Fast-forward 6 years, 50 tracks, countless hours of recording, tracking, editing, mastering, talking, drinking, and thinking about all things Led Zeppelin. We now present you, dear reader, with the body of work. From The Land Of Ice And Snow: The Songs Of Led Zeppelin




Good Times Bad Times :: Kind Of Like Spitting

Babe I’m Gonna Leave You :: The Clampitt Family

Dazed And Confused :: Portland Cello Project featuring Laura Gibson And John Moen

Your Time Is Gonna Come :: Nick Jaina

Whole Lotta Love :: Fukd’uptight

Poor Tom :: Adam Selzer

Nobody‘s Fault But Mine :: Carcrashlander

Fool In The Rain :: Kaia

Thank You :: Dan Jones

Heartbreaker :: Lackthereof featuring Pete Mccracken

Moby Dick :: Knock Knock

Out On The Tiles :: Super XX Man

Friends :: Amy Annelle & The Shishi Valley Boys

Tangerine :: Jeff London

Bron-y-aur-stomp :: Arch Cape

Hey Hey What Can I Do :: Weinland

In The Evening :: Chris Walla



Black Dog :: Lana Rebel

Rock And Roll :: Pellet Gun

The Battle Of Evermore :: Tu Fawning

Stairway To Heaven :: Kelly Blair Bauman

Misty Mountain Hop :: Buellton

Four Sticks :: Rebecca Gates And The Consortium

Over The Hills And Far Away :: Johanna Kunin & Yikes Mountain

No Quarter :: Testface

The Ocean :: Laura Veirs & Mount Analog

Houses Of The Holy :: Beltline

Kashmir :: Loch Lomond

In The Light :: The Long Winters

Bron-yr-aur :: M. Ward

Down By The Seaside :: Power Of County

All My Love :: Parks & Recreation

I’m Gonna Crawl :: David Depper



Communication Breakdown :: Captain Vs. Crew

Heartbreaker :: Wow & Flutter

Ramble On :: The Little Betters

Immigrant Song :: Leigh Marble

That's The Way :: This Busy Monster

Rock and Roll :: Tractor Operator

Going To California :: The Valiant Arms

When the Levee Breaks :: Larry Crane

The Rain Song :: Antlerand

Over The Hills and Far Away :: The Mighty Ghosts Of Heaven

Dancing Days :: Miss Murgatroid And The Queens Of Heart

D'yer Mak'er :: Chad Crouch

The Wanton Song :: Remote Tree Children

Nobodys Fault But Mine V.1 :: Carcrashlander

Going To California :: Cool Sumner featuring Lisa Schonberg, Katy Davidson & Tara Jane O'neil

Tea For One :: LKN

Hot Dog :: The Big River Band





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