• Trouble Trust

Jeff London

Trouble Trust


$ 8.00




  1. Shot Across The Bow
  2. Solstice
  3. Fading Springtime
  4. Trouble Trust
  5. Sea Of Embarrassment
  6. Guess I'm Sorry
  7. Do Our Time
  8. Time We Fell
  9. Psaims
  10. Won't Leave Here Yet



This Jeff London album, Trouble Trust, is the culmination of ten years of thought and persistence in the face of massive personal and cultural change. The songs come from a process of reflection after a series of shifts and displacements led him back to New York City and his home county of Queens. What it is has led to a is a more city-fueled collection of songs about missing the past and dreaming of the future, all romantically entangled, tragicomical and astute. The supporting cast features his family of rotating collaborators including Rachel Blumberg (Califone), Adam Selzer (M. Ward), Jenny Conlee (Decemberists), Kyleen King (Brandi Carlisle), Jeffrey Underhill (Velvet Crush), Liz Isenberg and Emily Dix Thomas (the Huntress and Holder of Hands), Shelley Short (Neko Case), and Alia Farah (the Minus 5) to name a few! Tongue-tied and still full of humor, Jeff makes life in these times feel honorable, even in the midst of trouble, trauma, and regimes of injustice blind to a better world that’s possible. More than on previous outputs from Jeff, here, hope floats.

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