• Target Heart

Blue Giant

Target Heart

Cat. No. JB078

$ 5.00




Side A

  1. Target Heart 
  2. Blue Sunshine 
  3. Lonely Girl 
  4. Wasn't Born To Follow 

Side B

  1. Clean The Clock
  2. Gone For Good
  3. Hell Or High Water
  4. Got To Be Free



The debut recording from this new Portland Super Group. On our usual 180 audiophile quality vinyl, this pressing is limited to 500 copies and contains 2 bonus tracks not to be found on the CD, nor the digital download. Wasn't Born to Follow, a Goffin/King tune made popular by The Byrds and The Kinks Got To Be Free.

This is what you get when you take the songwriters behind Viva Voce and give them an actual band of folks to play with. It's Rural-Psch Rock at it's best. The joys of love and the bitterness of loss, cloaked in the shroud of country twang, heavy drums, psycadelic guitars and some wicked slide work. To do a little horn tooting we've got Corin Tucker from Sleater Kinney doing some vocals, along with Chris Funk of The Decemberists, Evan Railton from the Swords and Seth Lorinczi from Circus Lupus lending their considerable talents to the endeavor as well.

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