• Nailed To The Stars


Nailed To The Stars

Cat. No. JB010/011

$ 5.00




Side A

  1. The Ex-hustlers / Iago’s Coat
  2. The Ex-hustlers / Lixx of Lite
  3. The Power Jack / Sanchez
  4. The Power Jack / Calibrate
  5. Kind of Like Spitting / Welcome To The Working Week
  6. Kind of Like Spitting / February 18th, 1996
  7. Two-bit Tragic / Quasar
  8. Two-bit Tragic / Concussion
  9. 22 Sparkling Smiles / Everyday
  10. 22 Sparkling Smiles / Sea of Heartbreak

Side B

  1. Butter / Stop Go
  2. Butter / Utah
  3. Bossa Nova 2600 / Choke
  4. Bossa Nova 2600 / Donde es maria, ora?
  5. Rally Boy / House Guest
  6. Rally Boy / France In Colorado
  7. Pete & Amy / Too Good To Be True
  8. Pete & Amy / How Long Has This Been Going On?
  9. Kpants / My Strong Back Legs
  10. Kpants / Vampire Girl

Digital download includes

  1. The Ex-hustlers / Stella In Need
  2. Kind of Like Spitting / Time and How To Waste It
  3. Rally Boy / Shad Virus


Fall 1996

This one was the big one. Our first LP. Another comp, but with bands that were going places. I swore we’d need at least 1000 copies. I’m so glad Mike talked me into 500. Lesson learned this go around, dark ink silkscreened on dark paper does not show up very well, even with sparkles. Packaging has long been something that has intrigued me. This is our first stab at something other than folded paper and plastic. It’s got my favorite bits: silkscreen, odd shapes, and those red tassle twisty things, mmm... good. There are 2 extra bands on this format, I thought that meant it needed a different catalog number. It didn’t. Oh well. Mostly recorded at the 28th street house on the 8-track. Some of my very favorite recording sessions.

“my teeth they grow long and sharp, and I have strong back legs.”

The LP is out of print at this point, but we still have some of the original cassettes, as well as a digital download of all the tracks from the LP & cassette.  22 Sparkling Smiles is Jonn & Lisa from The Crabs, along with Diane from Oswald Five-0 and Valiant Arms.  This comp also features the very first Kind of Like Spitting songs released, along with a slew of amazing mid-90's Eugene, Ore. rock and roll.

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