• Write It Like You Find It

The Golden Bears

Write It Like You Find It

Cat. No. JB092

$ 8.00




Side A

  1. Alive
  2. Oh, The Lightning
  3. Come To Be
  4. Do You See It?
  5. We
  6. Wine & Want
  7. How Good

Side B

  1. All The Birds
  2. The Rushes
  3. Goodbye
  4. Mist As Me
  5. Liberation Day



The Golden Bears are Julianna Bright and Seth Lorinczi, housemates, partners, parents and band. Their second full-length album, Write It Like You Find It, is a love poem to their daughter, to one another and to the bands and music that rescued them from despair along their way. Songs full of the dewy-eyed wonder inspired by new life bump up against hungrier ones, songs bursting with longing for sleep, for sex, for rock and roll. All 12 songs weave together to tell the story of what you lose and find when your life is no longer simply yours. Contributions include the honeyed voices and gorgeous backing vocal arrangements of Dave Depper (Ram Project, Loch Lomond) and John Moen (Decembrists, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, Dharma Bums). Other performers include Shelley Short, Sara Lund (Corin Tucker Band, Hungry Ghost, Unwound), and Kate Obrien-Clarke (Ages & Ages).

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