• Bleeding Hearts & Severed Legs

Tractor Operator

Bleeding Hearts & Severed Legs

Cat. No. JB062

$ 5.00




Side A

  1. You Should Have Kept Your Mouth Shut, But You Didn't 
  2. Rusty Nails 
  3. Blessed Semen 
  4. Caves 
  5. Tennessee 
  6. Smoke
  7. Electric vs. Steam
  8. March, 30th 1958
  9. Streets
  10. The Night
  11. Busdriver
  12. Fucking Vampires
  13. Cheap and Easy
  14. April Twenty One



Tractor Operator is the vehicle for one Eric Jensen. On this, his sophomore effort he turns things up a notch or two, taking his quiet, lo-fi folk-pop and adding to it some strong rock tinkerings. The guitars jut out of the space created by his playful circular lyrical constructions. Drums crash around the melodic structures, pushing you through the narrative, you are there. Then the volume comes down and you are at home on the couch, waking up to the static of the television after a few too many beers, groggy, but ready to head for the comfort of bed. "Tractor Operator made me, strangely, feel like everything might be okay, or, rather, he helped me understand that it's okay when everything isn't."

– Amy McCullough, Willamette Week

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