• Martha Jane Cannary

Calamity Jane

Martha Jane Cannary

Cat. No. JB090

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Digital album

  1. Miss Hell 
  2. My Spit* 
  3. Car / You Got It Rough 
  4. Hang Up 
  5. Shark 
  6. Olympia
  7. Little Girl
  8. Mean Song
  9. A lot O' Blood
  10. Say It
  11. No Mirror



Recorded by Brad Wood @ Reciprocal, Seattle, WA & Idful Music, Chicago, IL October 1990-March 1991. Calamity Jane was a punk band before punk broke, before grunge made it's way onto the cover of Time and before Riot Grrl made it cool to be an all girl band. They were 3 ladies making music in Olympia, Washington who got on stage and told you how they really felt, and it was not pretty. This is from a time when rock was still dangerous, when the only paths to follow were dark and murky, and this music reflects that perfectly. In 1989 they moved to Portland, OR and for the next 3 years they proceeded to blow the doors off every venue in town. They toured with Fugazi and impressed Kurt Cobain so much that he invited them to open for Nirvana in Argentina. They put out a steady series of singles, and in 1991 the band recorded a landmark album of Northwest fuzz, Martha Jane Cannary. Out of print for many years, we are proud to present it here in digital form for the first time. *My Spit was originally intended to be part of this album but was left off at the last minute as it was to be the A side of a Sympathy For The Record Industry 7". We restored it to it's original location on the album and have given the record a few sonic tweaks to make it all fit together quite nicely.

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