• No One Knows What Happens Next

Hallelujah The Hills

No One Knows What Happens Next


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Side A

  1. Get Me In A Room
  2. Nightingale Lightning
  3. Care To Collapse
  4. Hungry Ghost Extraordinaire
  5. No One Knows What Happens Next
  6. Dead People's Music

Side B

  1. People Breathe Into Other People
  2. The Game Changes Me
  3. Hello, My Destroyer
  4. Call Off Your Horses



Vinyl edition is a Series 33 release, limited to 33 copies. 

Originally released May 22, 2012, Hallelujah The Hills' third record—No One Knows What Happens Next—is being pressed to vinyl for the very first time by Jealous Butcher Records. From its initial sessions where the band rolled straight to analog tape at the Soul Shop in Medford, MA, this is the way NOKWHN was always meant to be heard. Here, the band moved beyond the twitching nervousness of their first two albums and, as Exclaim! put it in their subsequent review, "Hallelujah The Hills have simply grown into the band they always threatened to become." In the middle of takes on hungry ghosts, personal destroyers and secrets pasts, NOKWHN finds HTH at their most experimental ("Nightingale Lightning"), their most ear-wormy ("Get Me In A Room"), and most achingly melancholy ("Dead People's Music"). "Between Colonial Drones and recording this album, we all found a good helping of confidence somewhere, somehow," songwriter Ryan H. Walsh recalls. "The second guessing that was the calling card of the sophomore LP had been taken out back and executed. It's quieter and more subtle, but it certainly knows what it's doing."

Special guests include Marissa Nadler, Katie Von Schleicher, and Mike Fiore of Faces on Film. Features re-mixed artwork playing off the original CD pressing.

After all these years, we still don't know what happens next. Let's try to figure it out, together, this time on your home turntable.

"The clarity of this record is a daring move for a band that has existed so firmly in the gauze, but it pays off at nearly every turn...they've also gone ahead and made their best record." - Prefix, May 21, 2012

"This is thinking outside the box with a lot of moving parts, but sonically, it comes together gorgeously in a start-to-finish listen."- Weekly Dig, May 18, 2012

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