• You Secretly Want Me Dead - RSD 2016
  • You Secretly Want Me Dead - RSD 2016

Kind of Like Spitting

You Secretly Want Me Dead - RSD 2016

Cat. No. JB135

$ 8.00




Side A

  1. Who Cares How Much
  2. Catch The Redeye Out Of Girlfriend Land
  3. Your Favorite Actor
  4. We Got As Far As Minnesota
  5. Do You Need Him Here To Say (Elsa)
  6. Happy?

Side B

  1. Maybe We Should Get Married
  2. A Thought From The Kitchen Floor
  3. Motor Boat
  4. Please Don't Sweat The Afterlife
  5. Slow Me Down
  6. Something In The Air
  7. Please Don't Let It End Like This

Digital Download

  1. I've Realized That Things Aren't Really Good Or Bad, At Least It's Better To Avoid Looking At It That Way
  2. Staring At Your Toy Collection
  3. Afraid Of Crushes
  4. New Hangout Condition (Karate)



Limited edition "blood-on-snow" colored vinyl for Record Store Day 2016! Limited quantity available!

Before Kind of Like Spitting was a band, it was Ben. In 1996, Ben would come visit me in Eugene and we’d hang out and record songs on my 8 track. Usually off the cuff, first or second takes, lyrics and parts changing as the songs were played. Sometimes he’d bring his friend Mark with to play drums. He’d been recording with his friend Eric up in Portland too, on his 4 track. Between the 3 of us we recorded a lot of songs.

Ben and I had already put out one tape together and a few songs on a compilation LP. Once we got enough songs recorded we got it in our heads that it would be fun to put out another tape. Eric had a cassette label as well, Audio Dregs, and the 3 of us thought it’d be fun to work together on it, so we did. This was before CD’s were really a thing for either of our labels, and putting it on vinyl seemed like a pretty big step for something we all saw as low key at the time.

We made a lot of copies of this tape, and then we met our friend Chad (Hush Records) and we burned a lot of copies of this CDR, and then we finally manufactured some CDs, and Kind of Like Spitting became a band. And Jealous Butcher and Audio Dregs and Hush made a lot more records by a lot more bands (and we all still do).

But for me it all started with Ben. He likes to say that if it wasn’t for Jealous Butcher, he wouldn’t have gotten to where he is. I like to counter with if it wasn’t for him, Jealous Butcher wouldn’t be what it is, and my life certainly wouldn’t have been nearly as interesting. We grew up together and sometimes because of each other. You Secretly Want Me Dead, this is where it started to get real. We always wanted this record to be on vinyl, so now it is. We hope you dig it.

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