• Art of Slowness: The Halfling Session
  • Art of Slowness: The Halfling Session

José Medeles

Art of Slowness: The Halfling Session

Cat. No. JB170

$ 8.00




Side A

  1. After (15:13)

Side B

  1. Glow (17:28)



Vinyl edition is limited to 108 hand numbered copies.

In his solo work The Art of Slowness Medeles explores these mental landscapes, a patchwork of moments lived and those that have not yet been experienced, weaving enchanting notes that string together the tapestry of your mind. Unlike the driving sound of 1939 Ensemble, The Art of Slowness offers ambience and restraint, hints of dreamscapes past, elements of Jean-Michel Jarre’s seminal “Oxygène", Apex Twin’s "Stone in Focus”, and Vangelis’ “Tears in The Rain” helping to form the needle by which this humble offering stitches its sonic palate. Unconfined by the soundscape genre, Medeles forges ahead, utilizing his instrument in uncommon and strikingly meaningful fashion.

Through a sparse and thoughtful performance, Medeles’ vibraphone asks you not to hang on each chord or phrase, but to experience the infinity in between, and those fleeting moments of familiarity as your mind, with the assistance of his etherial soundtrack, sews those little memories together to form a path into your dreams.

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