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The Born Losers

The Born Losers

Cat. No. JB138

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Side A

  1. Burn, Burn Desert Sky
  2. NYC
  3. Pretty Girls
  4. Code Red Valentine
  5. On The Marquee
  6. Don’t Write Me Love Songs

Side B

  1. For Chicago Girls
  2. Red Wine And A Gun
  3. Make Me Die Tonight
  4. Streets Of This Town
  5. I Lose Myself Again



Vinyl edition is a Series 33 release, limited to 33 copies.  Also available as a limited edition hand screened poster that comes with a digital download.

The Born Losers started in 1998 with 3 friends in Anchorage, Alaska sharing a love for the new rock and roll/punk scene exploding across the country, bands like Murder City Devils, Black Halos, and The Makers were early influences.

The early incarnation of the band moved to Portland, Oregon in 2003, added a proper bassist and second guitar player and started playing dozens of shows at The Twilight, Tonic, Ash Street, Berbatis, Grand Central Bowling Alley, SlabTown, and dozens of house shows slowly gaining a modest local following. Recording a ton, but never releasing more than a 45 on Scarey Records out of Italy, The Born Losers played their last show in late 2005.

Fast forward to 2013, the band reforms to finally complete a record and release the songs that spanned nearly 15 years. The band spent two days at Type Foundry Studios in early 2014 and recorded the songs you hear here. These are recorded totally live, only overdubbing the final vocal track, capturing the energy of the many years between writing and recording.

These songs were written to be played live and recorded to be played on vinyl. They harken back to a time and place still alive in the heart and soul of those of us who believe in Rock and Roll.

Epilogue: After The Born Losers called it a day lead singer Ryan Sollee went on to turn down the volume (but not the energy) with his new outfit The Builders and the Butchers, so there's that to consider here as well.

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