• Song For The Fool
  • Song For The Fool
  • Song For The Fool

The Hackles

Song For The Fool

Cat. No. JB233

$ 6.00




  1. Sandsedge
  2. Winter Motley
  3. Fool's Carvings
  4. Ratsy
  5. Nighteyes By The Fire
  6. Looking For Rabbits



We recorded “Songs for the Fool” from home in the fall of 2020, when there weren’t really any words we wanted to commit to paper.
The songs were all started on guitar by Luke, who would play them for my dad who was suffering from aphasia due to brain cancer. My dad loved when Luke played, and it was a nice way to spend time with him when other forms of communication were difficult.
I asked Luke if I could add clarinet to a couple of the songs when we started recording them, and he said “Put it on all of them!”, so, I did. We decided to name the album and songs for Robin Hobb’s wonderful Farseer books that were giving us a well-needed fantasy world escape at that time. I still think about characters in her books all the time.
We gave the album out to family and friends at Christmas that year. The album means alot to us & we really love it, so we decided to share it with the world at large this year. Hope you love it too.

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