• Eyelids Decemberists Guided By Voices Peter Buck R.E.M.
  • Eyelids Decemberists Guided By Voices Peter Buck R.E.M.



Cat. No. JB123

$ 5.00




Side A

  1. Bound To Let You Down 
  2. Broken Continue 
  3. Only Time Will Tell 

Side B

  1. Halloween



The EP features two new songs, the hyperactively beautiful Bound to Let You Down and Broken Continue. The originals are paired with two songs the band has been performing live: Only Time Will Tell, originally from the John Cale album Sabotage Live, and Halloween, from legendary paisley underground band Dream Syndicate’s Debut EP. Halloween takes a whole album side and comes with a crazy surprise at the end for listeners (and vinyl collectors). Peter Buck stepped in on guitar on this track as well to create what turned into a four guitar attack.

“John and I wrote a bunch of songs quite feverishly after our last tour and we wanted to get into the studio right away,” says Chris, joined by members Jonathan Drews (guitar), Jim Talstra (bass), Paulie Pulvirenti (drums) and guitarist John Moen.

"Working with Peter on the Eyelids songs is such a dream come true,” says Moen. “His guitar playing undoubtedly influenced me more than any other single guitarist. Through the years he always seemed to know where the best meeting point between 'unusual' and 'just-plain-catchy' was, and then play it incredibly well. He thinks a lot about music without over-analyzing it - things stay informed, yet fresh."

Limited edition of 500 on blue vinyl • Download card that includes all songs from the EP as well as 3 live videos (including a version of Hey Joe with Stephen Malkmus joining in the slop) • Digital booklet, bragging rights and instant karma. • Produced by Mr. Peter Buck of R.E.M.

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