• Society

The New Bad Things


Cat. No. JB084

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Digital Album

  1. Nov. 25th
  2. Society
  3. Our Modern King
  4. Fiberglass
  5. Crabby
  6. Tickets
  7. Let's Get High
  8. Diphenhydramine
  9. Sissy Meant
  10. Positivity
  11. Insomnia
  12. Smoking Porch
  13. Personal Ads
  14. Californegeddon
  15. Boy With The Band
  16. Chess In The Park
  17. FMLN
  18. No Pass / No Fail
  19. The Dirge



This is the second full length from Portland, OR, band New Bad Things. There are enough false starts, lazily whispered voacals, loosely strung, off-key instrumentals and bang-a-can rhythems to keep things interesting throughout. What makes the New Bad Things-well-new bad things is their very real ear for melody: clear, memorable, at times Beatle-worthy melodies that rise above the wobbly instrumentals and mumbled vocals like a drug-fed pheonix staggering out of the ashes.

Maybe this is what Sqt. Peppers would have sounded like if producer George Martin had been gobbling down acid in the studio along with the musicians. The considerable highlights include, "FMLN," a soft muted elegy for "all the young punk rockers," and the rude, syncopated slap at new age self-reliance on "Positivity," complete with a funky trumpet and wah-wah guitar.

- David Shirley, Option

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