• Everything That I See You See Better


Everything That I See You See Better

Cat. No. JB219

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  1. Everything That I See You See Better
  2. Wayhome
  3. Fantastic Life (digital only)



    • Limited edition candy blue vinyl 7"
    • 2 song 7", 3 track digital download
    • Limited to 450 copies

    EYELIDS returned yet again to the studio with producer Peter Buck (of R.E.M.) to start work on their next LP but also decided to make a stand alone 7”. Their first recording with new band member, Victor Krummenacher (of CAMPER VAN BEETHOVEN), the batch of songs straddle that line of melancholy and joy that EYELIDS lives in.

    The moody yet cherubic “Everything That I See You See Better” came out of Slusarenko’s inability to help a friend during the pandemic. Summed up best by the lyric “join me in the accident that will be today”, the song doubles down on the haunting feeling of helplessness that many of us have felt over the last few years.

    “Wayhome” is Moen’s more (probably skewed, (definitely) situational, navigatory advice from John to himself and whomsoever else might be listening; rocking one’s way back to emotional strength. It has been known to be effective.

    Lastly, EYELIDS found solace in a cover of The Fall’s joyfully ironic “Fantastic Life” (originally released in 1981 on a 7”). But the band was beyond honored to have The Fall’s original drummer, Paul Hanley, performing on the track. Originally part of the powerful two drum line up of the fall from 1980-1985, Paul also co-wrote this song with Mark E. Smith. Two drums it is then…

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