• Great Divide

Pellet Gun

Great Divide

Cat. No. JB098

$ 8.00




Side A

  1. All Your Hearts Are Shaped Like Stars 
  2. Feed A Dead Egg 
  3. Knapsack 
  4. Heavy Eastern Slopes 
  5. Free Advice 

Side B

  1. Billy’s Lament
  2. Bad Map #1
  3. Ovulate Breath
  4. North
  5. Held The Hand



Pellet Gun, a trio from Portland, OR, consists of Dave Snider, Brian Gardiner and Eric Jensen. Their first record, Every Time I Yawn I Cry A Little was recorded at Jackpot Studios in 2002. 10 years, nearly 2 bachelor's degrees, a master's degree and a PhD later, they've returned with blistering new material for their sophomore effort, Great Divide, on Jealous Butcher Records. Recorded at Type Foundry with Adam Selzer, Great Divide is the story of an errant thought traversing a hazy dystopia. Rolling hills collide with asphalt while buckling steel curls upon itself, chasing dusty, swirling mirages. Tongue in cheek at times, Pellet Gun strides comfortably between psychedelic freak fests and bombastic, noise pop. Heavier than their previous effort, Great Divide is angular and experimental; it's big cars, road trips, wanderlust and locomotives. It is collections of lists and affirmations, memories and escape plans, proverbs and fables. The music is chaotic, nostalgic and party hard, without taking itself too seriously. The initial run of this LP is limited to 300 copies pressed on a soothing lime green vinyl

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