• Hook & Anchor

Hook & Anchor

Hook & Anchor

Cat. No. JB115

$ 8.00




Side A

  1. Famously Easy 
  2. Wild Wind  
  3. Concerning Spectral Pinching 
  4. Light Of The Moon 
  5. No, It’s Not 
  6. Hammer 

Side B

  1. Tomorrow Night
  2. Hard Times
  3. Hazel Dell
  4. Blackbird
  5. The Fine Old Times



LP is limited to 259 coke bottle clear vinyl copies.

Hook & Anchor is a story of lost songs finding a home. After a busy five years of touring with Portland-based band Blind Pilot, Kati Claborn was sitting on a steadily growing pile of tunes. As chance would have it, long-time friend and collaborator Erik Clampitt was looking for material and musicians to play a handful of gigs culminating in a show at the San Francisco Old-time and Bluegrass Festival. Songs were dusted off, friends were gathered, and the music that emerged had a voice and cohesion that immediately resonated with audiences and demanded to be more than a mere one-off. The project quickly became a vessel for other member's back-pocket tunes, giving the music breadth and variety. The band consists of Claborn (banjo, guitar), Clampitt (electric guitar, pedal steel), old-time music veteran Gabrielle Macrae (fiddle, banjo, guitar), and fellow Blind Piloters Luke Ydstie (bass, piano), and Ryan Dobrowski (drums).

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