• Homage

Portland Cello Project


Cat. No. JB097

$ 8.00




Side A

  1. She Will 
  2. Lollipop 
  3. That”s My Bitch 
  4. All Of The Lights 

Side B

  1. H*A*M*
  2. Hey Ya!
  3. Monster
  4. Get By
  5. Lua Descolorida



The Portland Cello Project continue to take the cello to new musical landscapes with "Homage." The record pays unique homage to everyone from contemporary hip hop artists, to contemporary classical composers, and even baroque styles of music, in every mixture imaginable. From lush, orchestral covers of Lil' Wayne's "She Will" and Talib Kweil's "Get By" with thundering percussion, to an arrangement of music by contemporary composer Osvaldo Golijov, to Kanye West's "Monster" turned into a baroque-style fugue, this record is a mind-bending roller coaster of musical styles and cultural reflection. Since the group's inception in late 2007, the Portland Cello Project (or, PCP, as their fans affectionately call them), has wowed audiences all over the country with extravagant performances, mixing genres and blurring musical lines and perceptions wherever they go. No two shows are alike, with a repertoire now numbering over 800 pieces of music you wouldn't normally hear coming out of a cello. The Cello Project's stage setup ranges from the very simple (4-6 cellos), to the all out epic (which has included 12 cellos playing with full choirs, winds, brass, and numerous percussionists).

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