• Salvation Is A Deep Dark Well
  • Salvation Is A Deep Dark Well

The Builders And The Butchers

Salvation Is A Deep Dark Well

Cat. No. JB141

$ 25.00




Side A

  1. Golden and Green
  2. Devil Town
  3. Short Way Home
  4. Barcelona
  5. Hands Like Roots
  6. Down in this Hole

Side B

  1. Raise Up Your Weary Hands
  2. Vampire Lake
  3. The Wind Has Come
  4. In the Branches
  5. The World is a Top




“The band is devoted to the creation/destruction dichotomy, along with an American roots music aesthetic and punk attitude.” - Prefix, 2009

After their initial self titled record, recorded live and performed mainly on the street, The Builders and the Butchers entered the studio with acclaimed and beloved Portland musician and producer Chris Funk to record the bands next collection of songs. An album to be titled Salvation is a Deep Dark Well.

The spirit of the Builders has always been, and always will be, inclusion and collaboration. From the early shows on the street, to passing out instruments in clubs, the early days were always about how many people would be “in the band” on any given night. The Builders took this spirit of inclusion into the studio where they invited some of their favorite musicians and best friends to perform on Salvation is a Deep Dark Well.

Over 50 different musicians perform on the album, including the Portland Flash Choir, a gospel choir, Portland Cello Project, string quartets, as well as horn sections. This is on top of the band members who played over 30 different instruments themselves.

These performances were masterfully orchestrated by Chris Funk and then mixed with care by the esteemed Tucker Martine. Resulting in an album that is not only lush and full, but also immediate, vital and dark.

With every song having its own unique set up and process, it’s a miracle that Salvation was completed in only 5 days.

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